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NO GST for Blogger | AdSense, Affiliate, Direct Advertisements

GST for AdSense Publishers

Detail analysis of GST Act, Rules and Forms for Blogger earnings from AdSense, Affiliates Marketing, Referral programme and Direct Advertisements.

Suresh Prasad 19th Aug 2017   2 Comments Read More

Wire Transfer Payments for AdSense publishers in India

AdSense Wire Transfer Payments

Now, Indian AdSense Publishers will get AdSense earnings directly into their bank account through Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment method.

Suresh Prasad 21st May 2016   42 Comments Read More

How to get Google AdSense Approval for your Blog or Website

Google AdSense Account Approval

The preliminary requirements for being eligible to participate in Google AdSense to become AdSense Publisher and making money with your site contents.

Suresh Prasad 6th May 2016   14 Comments Read More

Mobile Traffic Monetization with Page-level Ads by AdSense

Adsense Page-level Ads

Anchor or Overlay ads and Vignette Ads are two ad formats available in Google AdSense Page-level ads implemented to monetize your mobile content.

Suresh Prasad 28th Apr 2016   No comments Read More

How to change or convert AdSense Ad Codes for BlogSpot Blogs

Adsense Encoding Tool

This tool will help you to encode Google AdSense Ad unit code to be placed inside Blogger blog posts, pages and templates and any webpage of your site.

Suresh Prasad 26th Apr 2016   1 Comment Read More

Display Affiliate Ads or Related Contents to AdBlock Users

Affiliate Ads or Related Contents to AdBlock Users

Boost your earnings by showing affiliate Ads or alternate relevant contents to live visitors who installed Ad Blocking software/ extensions in browsers.

Suresh Prasad 26th Aug 2015   1 Comment Read More

Analysis of AdSense Revenue with Responsive Screen Resolutions

Get most AdSense earnings from your responsive websites. Know the proper way to insert AdSense Ad unit code in your mobile optimized (multi-screen) websites.

Suresh Prasad 7th May 2015   No comments Read More

How to Create and Insert AdSense Ad Code to Blogger Template

Learn the trick to create and add your first AdSense Ad Unit code into the blogger blog template. Choose the right Advertisement Space for Google Ads.

Suresh Prasad 27th Mar 2015   No comments Read More

Stop Invalid Click Activity by AdSense Site Authorization Feature

Protect your AdSense account from invalid click activity and bring it into compliance with AdSense program policies by using Site Authorization Feature.

Suresh Prasad 23rd Mar 2015   No comments Read More

Install Google Publisher Toolbar to Control Live AdSense Ads

Download Google Publisher Toolbar to get instant control over AdSense Ads and view data from Analytics, Ad Exchange and DoubleClick for Publishers A/c.

Suresh Prasad 7th Feb 2015   No comments Read More

Increase AdSense Earnings by Showing Ads in All Blogger Pages

Increase your AdSense impressions and earnings by displaying Ads in all pages including static pages, index and post labels etc. of your blogger blog.

Suresh Prasad 3rd Feb 2015   No comments Read More

Manage Unmatched Ad Requests to Increase AdSense Earnings

Are you seeing Unmatched Ad Requests in your Google AdSense performance report? Learn the tricks to reduce the same and boost your AdSense earnings.

Suresh Prasad 1st Feb 2015   No comments Read More

Increase AdSense Earnings by changing ad settings with Experiments

Create and run A/B experiments for any live AdSense Ad unit of your website/blog and analyze which ad setting is working for you to increase earnings.

Suresh Prasad 29th Jan 2015   1 Comment Read More

15 Ways to Increase CPC Rates for Improving AdSense Earnings

Know the reasons for low CPC rates resulting decrease in your Google AdSense earnings. Learn genuine tips to increase CPC rates for Blog/websites Ads.

Suresh Prasad 22nd Jan 2015   2 Comments Read More

Keep your AdSense Account safe by adhering Program Policies

Know the commonly violated AdSense program policies by publishers causing either Google disable ad serving to their sites or disable AdSense account.

Suresh Prasad 20th Jan 2015   No comments Read More