Showeblogin Consultancy Services

Many website owners are not technically sound to setup WordPress blog and they are not familiar with SEO, AdSense, Themes and plugins etc. Moreover, there are lots of things which are required to do just after installation of WordPress sites or after creating Blogger blogs because it affects the search engine ranking as well as user experience.

I am not a qualified web developer but only learned from my own 13+ year experience in this field started from free hosted to self-hosted Therefore, you will get the professional service with personal touch and highly effective work in time with no extra hidden costs.

I have already served 753+ happy clients last year from all over the world. Most of my first clients become regular/permanent client. Sometimes, I also provide free SEO related guide and make necessary changes in my client’s template/theme in accordance with the latest developments.

Further, I never link back from my client’s website for my services. Most of my client ask the reason for that and I told them only one thing that I want my new customer from the good relationship with my old customer and not through the backlinks from their blog/site.

However, if any old customer wants to link my site, I strongly recommend to add rel=”NoFollow” tag along with the link so that the link will not hurt my clients SEO rankings.

“I believe in work not in promise; I work for customer’s personal satisfaction not for my professional job completion.”

– Suresh Prasad

Moreover, I never disclose my customer’s identity or any personal/ professional information. Therefore, you will not find any details or list of my client’s blogs/websites on my site. You may find lots of web developers online and they may show you lots of their work and big client’s profile. However, it is my policy to not disclose any information of my client even you are my highest paying customer.

There are 5 main key factors (Analysis, Planning, Design, Development and Deployment) which I follow to make my clients successful in their online business and profession.

No Need to Hire Me (Free)

There is no need to hire me for new website owners. You will do yourself whatever needed for your site. I will just guide you. Let me know what you are looking for through Request form. I will be happy to help users like you for free of cost.

Personal Blog Consultancy Services (Premium)

The real fact of any premium service/work even the field in which you are expert is that whatever you will do, I will also do but the main difference will be time factor. Yes, it’s true! Time value is money.

Thus, anyone can do anything in this world but it will take some time to learn and practice to see the better results and become expert in any particular field.

Accordingly, you may make some technical mistakes unknowingly in the early stage of your blogging career which may results loosing potential visitors and opportunity to earn maximum revenue from your online contents.

SEO ServicesCharges
SEO for complete WordPress site (Max 50 pages)Monthly $1758 only
SEO for sites [No page limit]Monthly $739 only
SEO for single webpageMonthly $189 only
SEO for single KeywordMonthly $139 only
Note: Search engine optimization is an ongoing process and not a one-time event.

For technical help, you may hire me at $73 per hour. If you have any query, please contact me at [showeblogin] and I will reply within 24 hours.