Count Character Online using Free Tool

Text calculator to count characters with space for webpage Titles, Meta Tag descriptions for SEO, AdSense, Facebook messaging, Tweets on Twitter, SMS.

Thanks to Munish Patel from Kanpur for asking me a very interesting question that how he can count the characters before using it for his meta description purpose. Actually, many of us depends on the various online resources for enjoying their daily life. Some people uses Social Media (Facebook and Twitter) for chatting and tweeting purpose whereas some people uses Search Engines (Google and Bing) for finding their answer provided by various websites.

However, each and every online resources have their some specific limit. Maximum characters allowable is one of those limit. Thus, you may use our free online tool to count the number of characters or letters for such purpose. Further, if you have a blog or site then it is prerequisite to write SEO friendly Post Titles (70 characters) and Meta Description (150 characters) so that your webpage appears on the top or first page in search result pages.

Millions of mobile users sends and receives SMS text messages (160 characters) either online or offline. Twitter allows only 140 characters for composing new tweets and you may only send instant message in Facebook (500 characters), Facebook regular messaging (2,500 characters) etc.

AdSense Publishers as well as advertisers shall also require to use a limited text for adding or creating new Custom channels (30 characters), Ad Units Name (80 characters), Ads title (25 characters) and 35 characters for the displayed URL in Ads.

Online Character Count tool by Showeblogin.