Why and How to Hide or Remove Blogger Navbar

Best practice to disable or get rid of Blogspot.com blog Navigation bar with CSS codes which give option to either hide or remove Blogger Blog Navbar.

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How to Install Twitter Summary Cards in your WordPress Sites

Twitter Card for WordPress sites

Process for manual installation of Twitter Summary Cards Meta Tags in WordPress blogs without using any plugin and increase social traffic from each tweet.

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How to Add Twitter Summary Cards to Your Blogger Blogs

Add Twitter Card to Blogger Blogs

Know the best practice to install/ add Twitter Summary Cars Meta Tags with large image and drive engagement/traffic to your blogger blogs from Tweets.

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Analysis of AdSense Revenue with Responsive Screen Resolutions

Get most AdSense earnings from your responsive websites. Know the proper way to insert AdSense Ad unit code in your mobile optimized (multi-screen) websites.

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SEO Navigation Custom Pages for Blogger Not Found 404 Errors

Set or customize your blog’s custom pages not found i.e. 404 errors message for better SEO and user friendly navigation with the help of HTML codes.

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WinBlogTem – A Freemium Responsive Blogger Template

Get free copy of WinBlogTem (Windows Blogger Template), a responsive blogger template with featured, recent, related and popular posts widgets enabled.

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Best practice to insert custom JavaScript files to Blogger Blogs

You may easily insert any custom JavaScript codes/ files into your BlogSpot.com blogger blogs templates, widgets/ gadgets, posts and static pages etc.

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What next immediately after creating your First Blogger Blog?

This guide will help you familiarize yourself with the different features, options and settings available in your blogger blogs before posting an articles.

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How to show Post Snippets for blogger blog Post Contents

Learn the tips to make visible your blog post search description in search results as well as just above the webpage contents displayed on your sites.

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How to Create and Insert AdSense Ad Code to Blogger Template

Learn the trick to create and add your first AdSense Ad Unit code into the blogger blog template. Choose the right Advertisement Space for Google Ads.

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JesResKing – A Responsive Blogger Template

JesResKing is a free responsive blogger blog template which adapts all screen resolutions and device sizes. We help you free of cost to customise it.

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How to start your first Blogger Blog?

In this tutorial you will learn the procedure to start your first Blogging site in 3 simple steps. Analyse the numerous advantages of blog with the help of Video guides and FAQs.

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Top 5 Tips to boost your Computer Internet connection Speed

In this tutorial you will get dynamic ways to boost up your broadband connection speed irrespective of using operating system viz. Windows 8, 7, XP etc.

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Stop Invalid Click Activity by AdSense Site Authorization Feature

Protect your AdSense account from invalid click activity and bring it into compliance with AdSense program policies by using Site Authorization Feature.

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How to Change the Title and URL of Your Blogger Blog

You may rename existing blogger blog and also change the address of your blog at any point of time without creating a new blog with different URL.

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