Renew Domain Name and Expiry Date of Domain Registration

Renew registered domain name automatically or manually before/ after expiry of registration date. Transfer, cancel or delete expired domain name.

Expired Domain Name 2024: We have discussed various topics related to domain name viz. What is Domain and Subdomain? Why should I Buy Domain Name? Advanced Factors for Selecting Best Domain Name for Websites. Choose Best Domain Name Registrar for your Website and Search for Registered Owner and Validity of a Domain Name.

Last Monday I have selected some relevant questions related to domain name received from my live visitors.

  1. Whether I have to renew domain name for one year or more than one year.
  2. Is it compulsory to pay renewal fee for full year?
  3. Sir, if my website become famous and popular, is my domain provider demand high price than other to keep my domain name?

These questions were very interesting for me. If you have also the same/similar query related to the renewal of your domain name then, please read this guideline which may help you to make a final decision for renew your domain. So, I am here to explain you in detail about renewal of a Domain Name.

Annual Domain Name Fee:

The very first think you should note about the domain name is that the fee you pay to your domain name registrar is an annual fee. Thus, you are not allowed to pay monthly installments for domain name registration or renewal of your domain name.

In other words, you must keep paying the annual renewal fee of your domain name to continue your ownership for that domain name. Therefore, it is not like a physical good/property for which you pay only once and it became yours forever. Rather, you have to pay the annual renewal charges for your domain name and keep enjoying linked website.

Renewal period of Domain Name:

The term for which you renew your domain name after its first expiry date is known as renewal period of your domain. You have to renew your domain for at least one year after its first expiry date from registration of your domain name.

However, I strongly recommend you to renew your domain for longer period instead of minimum required term i.e. one year. Future are uncertain and you can’t estimate the future price for domain name and its renewal fee. However, you may lock the current price of your domain name you are paying to your domain provider. I mean to say that you may renew your domain name for multiple years in advance and hedge yourself for the current price.

Suppose your domain provider charging $12 per year then you can pay $120 for 10 years in advance and secure yourself as a registered owner of your domain name for 10 years.

Single Registrar for Lifetime of Domain Name:

OK! You have decided to keep your domain name but do not want to continue with the same domain provider. Yes! You are not bound to stuck with the single registrar for lifetime of your domain name. That means you are free to transfer your domain name from one registrar to another registrar.

But, you should not wait for the last date of domain expiration otherwise you may run into problem. I mean to say that if you want to transfer your domain name to the new registrar then first of all pay the normal domain fee to new registrar and then follow the instructions provided by them.

Some has asked me that if his site become successful then whether his domain provider will charge more than normal renewal fee. I don’t think so and if you notice that your domain provider charging more than the usual price you may transfer your domain name to another registrar. But, you should keep in mind that the fee may be different due to various factors viz. Privacy Protection and Domain Theft Protection etc.

Thereafter, if you think that you want to change your registrar again, you are free to transfer your domain name to different domain provider by following the same process as discussed above.

Cancel Domain Name:

If your domain period expired, you are not bound to pay renewal fee for the next term. In other words, if you don’t want to keep your domain, just ignore reminder email send by your domain registrar i.e. don’t pay the renewal fee for the next year. That means you are not under obligation to pay domain fee forever.

However, if you have activated automatic renewal system then you have to deactivate otherwise your domain registrar will charge renewal fee from your credit card.

New Domain for Website:

You should note that whenever you want to use different domain name for your site, you have to redirect your site to the new domain name otherwise all potential visitors and SEO juice linked to that domain will be lost forever.

But, if you want to close your site permanently then you need not require to further pay the renewal fee of your domain name. After expiry of grace period allowed by your domain provider, your domain will be terminated and your site will disappear from its online existence.

Renew Your Domain Name before Expiry Date

There are two ways to renew any domain name viz. A) Automatic renewal and B) Manual renewal.

A) Automatic Renewal:

Automatic renewal of domain is recommended as it helps domain owner to receive automatically a renewal invoice before the domain expires. Some domain registrar send bill for the domain renewal on the day after your domain name registration’s expiration date. Most of registrar automatically send a reminder email to the registered email address, 30 days prior to expiration.

The best part of automatic renewal is that your domain name will automatically renewed if you have added fund to your domain account or you have provided your Credit/Debit card details. However, if your card expired the domain registrar may notify you for your domain renewal and park your domain name. Thereafter, you may renew your domain manually by paying renewal and redemption fee (if applicable).

In case, you have not renewed your domain name before expiry of a certain period as fixed by your domain name provider, your domain registrar put your domain name up for auction with a domain name industry auction service. Thereafter, they cancel your domain name and delete all services associated with the domain name. The registry might hold the domain name before releasing it for general registration.

B) Manual Renewal:

If you did not set your domain names to automatically renew, you should renew it manually before the date of expiration of your domain name registration date. However, your domain provider may send you a reminder when your domain name registration expires and before canceling it.

To renew your domain name manually, you have to log in to your domain account and renew domain names at any time, for a length of time you decide say one, five or ten years. It’s better to renew your domain for longer period.

Can I renew my Domain Name after it Expires?

Most of the cases you may renew your domain name even after the date of expiration of your domain registration. However, it depends upon your domain name’s extension and its registry rules.

In other words, if the registry for your domain name extension allows it, your domain registrar hold your expired domain name for a specified days waiting for you to renew it.

Generally, domain name extensions like .COM, .ORG, and .NET gives a grace period for renewal of your domain name without charging extra fee or penalty. However, country code (ccTLD) domain name extensions does not have any grace period and therefore you should have to renew it before the expiry date to keep yourself as a registered owner for your domain name.

Some domain registrar sends multiple emails after the date of expiration of your domain name to remind you to renew your domain names. Most of domain providers hold domain name for approximately 40-45 days before canceling it. If you renew your domain during this period, you have to pay some extra charges in addition to the normal renewal fee.