How to create and add HTML site map static page to your blogger BlogSpot blogs which helps both website live visitors as well as Search Engine bots.

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Create and run A/B experiments for any live AdSense Ad unit of your website/blog and analyze which ad setting is working for you to increase earnings.

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Add user friendly expandable SWT Disqus Comment Box (loads on click) into blogger blog with the help of JavaScripts and CSS3 codes for dynamic looks.

Website owners may learn tricks to protect their online original copyrighted contents, images and videos by disable view source, copy and right click.

With the help of this tutorial you may create and embed tables in any webpage of your blog or website. You may also insert Responsive HTML Table.

With the help of this tutorial we are providing a very simple combo clock widget which displays time as well as date on your websites and blogs.

Add a button in Post Editor toolbar of blogger blog for converting words automagically from phonetically English script to selected blog language.

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