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Following tutorials will show you evergreen how to Blogger Blog Guide.

How to show Post Snippets for blogger blog Post Contents

Learn the tips to make visible your blog post search description in search results as well as just above the webpage contents displayed on your sites.

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How to Create and Insert AdSense Ad Code to Blogger Template

Learn the trick to create and add your first AdSense Ad Unit code into the blogger blog template. Choose the right Advertisement Space for Google Ads.

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JesResKing – A Responsive Blogger Template

JesResKing is a free responsive blogger blog template which adapts all screen resolutions and device sizes. We help you free of cost to customise it.

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How to start your first Blogger Blog?

In this tutorial you will learn the procedure to start your first Blogging site in 3 simple steps. Analyse the numerous advantages of blog with the help of Video guides and FAQs.

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How to Change the Title and URL of Your Blogger Blog

You may rename existing blogger blog and also change the address of your blog at any point of time without creating a new blog with different URL.

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How to Submit Blogger XML sitemaps to Google Webmaster Tools

BlogSpot blogs owner now submit auto generated sitemap.xml index file to Google Webmaster Tools and helps Search engine web crawlers like Googlebot etc.

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Add HTML Site map to Blogger Blog for visitors and Search Engine

How to create and add HTML site map static page to your blogger BlogSpot blogs which helps both website live visitors as well as Search Engine bots.

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Increase AdSense Earnings by Showing Ads in All Blogger Pages

Increase your AdSense impressions and earnings by displaying Ads in all pages including static pages, index and post labels etc. of your blogger blog.

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15 Ways to Increase CPC Rates for Improving AdSense Earnings

Know the reasons for low CPC rates resulting decrease in your Google AdSense earnings. Learn genuine tips to increase CPC rates for Blog/websites Ads.

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Why Use Google AdSense to Monetise Your Online Contents?

If you have a website or blog then you may earn unlimited attractive money by showing relevant advertisements with the help of Google AdSense Program.

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How to Add Menu widget to Blogger Header with Social Profiles

Insert menu bar at the top i.e. above header section of your BlogSpot blog (including responsive blogger template) along with social profiles icons.

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Top 3 Secrets for Your Blog Post Titles to Increase Traffics

Learn how to write clickable or search engine optimized blog post title which increase reader’s attention to your blog in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) irrespective of page rankings.

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Show Recent Blog Posts as Breaking News in Scrolling Bar

You may show your latest blog posts in scrolling bar as breaking or trending news or stories. This bar also includes Email Newsletter subscription box.

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How to Show Featured Posts with Automatic Sliding Effect

You may choose specified posts to show it as featured posts with automatic sliding effects and keep visitors engaged for long time on your sites.

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How to Display Author Profile in every Blogger Blog Post

Know the trick to show author profile name on the top or beginning of every blogger blog post and display the author image with short description or author bio box at the end of each article.

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