Keyword SEO for online business and service-related website. Best SEO practice for focus and long-tail keyword research and implementation.

A backlink is simply an incoming link from another website to your website. Backlinks are also known as inbound links.

External linking in SEO Plan - Best Practice. External Linking means link from one webpage of source domain to another webpage of target domain.

Internal links is one of the best on-page SEO factors in 2020. Website owners ignore this internal linking SEO while considering content optimization.

You can create your virtual visiting cards on Google Search. It is very simple just type "add me to Search" or search your name and click on get started.

Set or customize your blog’s custom pages not found i.e. 404 errors message for better SEO and user friendly navigation with the help of HTML codes.

Get free copy of WinBlogTem (Windows Blogger Template), a responsive blogger template with featured, recent, related and popular posts widgets enabled.

Learn the tips to make visible your blog post search description in search results as well as just above the webpage contents displayed on your sites.

BlogSpot blogs owner now submit auto generated sitemap.xml index file to Google Webmaster Tools and helps Search engine web crawlers like Googlebot etc.

How to create and add HTML site map static page to your blogger BlogSpot blogs which helps both website live visitors as well as Search Engine bots.

Learn how to write clickable or SEO blog post title to increase reader’s attention in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) irrespective of page rankings.

You will not see author profile image in search results page for your blog post author. Google plus has gone and not show author profile in SERPs.

Learn the way to include breadcrumb to your Blogger blog for rich snippets in Google search results. It also helps to navigate your blog more easily.

Add structured data mark up in blogger blogs contents using HTML5 microdata to help search engines to understand data on your webpage.