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Following tutorials will show you step by step process to add widgets into wordpress site and gadgets into blogger blogs.

How to hide or remove Powered by Blogger Attribution Gadget

You may customise, hide or remove completely the default BlogSpot Blog attribution link “Powered by Blogger” shown in footer of your blogger blog and message saying the name of template you are using.

Suresh Prasad 12th Jun 2016   16 Comments Read More

How to add Gadget inside Blogger Blog Header for AdSense Ads

Insert a Gadget inside Blogger blog header next to Logo or above Main Menu for AdSense Ads. You may add HTML/JavaScript widgets for third party Codes.

Suresh Prasad 3rd May 2016   1 Comment Read More

Install Showeblogin Facebook Page Plugin widget in WordPress

Facebook Page Plugin

Brings the power of simplicity to display or embed Facebook Page Plugin (Like Box) widgets into your WordPress website by using latest Graph API v2.3.

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How to Add Dynamic Facebook Page Like Box to Blog or Website

Increase your website or blog traffic and promote the brand name by inserting a dynamic and custom Facebook Page Like Box Gadget using CSS3 and HTML5.

Suresh Prasad 9th Apr 2016   1 Comment Read More

Insert Stylish Social Profile Widgets into your Blogger Blog

Social Profile Widget

Now you may add stylish social profile gadgets into your blogger blog and increase online social connections on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus etc.

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Why and How to Hide or Remove Blogger Navbar

Best practice to disable or get rid of Blogspot.com blog Navigation bar with CSS codes which give option to either hide or remove Blogger Blog Navbar.

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What next immediately after creating your First Blogger Blog?

This guide will help you familiarize yourself with the different features, options and settings available in your blogger blogs before posting an articles.

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Show Recent Blog Posts as Breaking News in Scrolling Bar

You may show your latest blog posts in scrolling bar as breaking or trending news or stories. This bar also includes Email Newsletter subscription box.

Suresh Prasad 3rd Jan 2015   1 Comment Read More

How to Show Featured Posts with Automatic Sliding Effect

You may choose specified posts to show it as featured posts with automatic sliding effects and keep visitors engaged for long time on your sites.

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Auto Read More Summaries without Jump Breaks in Blog Posts

Customize blogger homepage, index and search label pages by showing auto read more summaries with thumbnails without inserting Jump Breaks in Blog Posts.

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Keep Readers Engaged with Related Posts under Each Blog Post

Add related stories under each blog post to keep your readers engaged for long time and increase page views to decrease bounce rate of your blogger blog.

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Recent Blog Posts Widget with Titles, Snippets and Thumbnails

Add a gadget in blogger sidebar for recent blog posts with all or specified categories or labels with titles, thumbnails, author’s name and excerpts.

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Insert Customized Popular Posts Widget to Your Blogger Blogs

Personalize your blogger blog popular posts widget with some CSS codes. You may show the stylish popular posts titles, image thumbnail and snippets.

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How to Display Free Clock widgets on your blogs or websites

With the help of this tutorial we are providing a very simple combo clock which displays time as well as date on your websites and blogs.

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How to Insert Custom CSS Codes into Blogger Blog Template

Know the different ways and means for adding CSS style to your Blog Template. Learn the tricks to link external CSS files into BlogSpot blogger blogs.

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