PNR Status on Mobile SMS 139 Train Running Status

Check PNR status, train fair, seat availability, arrival/departure, running/live status and timetable through Indian Railway enquiry SMS 139 service.

Millions of people book their railway tickets in real time and store tickets details using Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corp. Ltd (IRCTC) mobile application residing on their mobile phone. It gives them an increased suitability through a real time, secure ticketing services. The passenger receives a reservation message just after booking their ticket with the full details of the ticket including PNR (Passenger Name Record), Train number, date of journey and class.

Now, IRCTC has introduced the latest initiative for checking the Railway ticket PNR status, train fair, seat availability, arrival or departure, train running status and train name/number/time using a single window information through universal number called 139-Rail Sampark.

In other words, you may obtain information regarding the PNR status, train running status for both arrivals and departures, Accommodation Availability Enquiry on Trains till Departure, Details of train Fare, Train Schedule /Timetable and train Name/ Number enquiries etc. on your mobile phone through SMS facility.

The national enquiry service of 139-Rail Sampark has been in operation for more than 10 years. In addition to voice enquiry on Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS), the Passenger can get the desired information by sending SMS to 139 in the specified syntax.

Helpline 139 is a single-window helpline number for all Indian Railways related queries and complaints. It was launched in 2021 to integrate all existing railway helplines under one number, making it easier for passengers to get help.

Passengers can call 139 to get information on a wide range of topics, including:

  • PNR status
  • Train arrival/departure times
  • Accommodation availability
  • Fare enquiry
  • Ticket booking
  • System ticket cancellation
  • Wake-up alarm facility/destination alert
  • Wheelchair booking
  • Meal booking
  • Security and medical assistance
  • General complaints
  • Vigilance-related complaints
  • Parcel and goods
  • IRCTC operated trains
  • Status of complaints

There are two main ways to check PNR status on mobile:

1. Via SMS

  • Send an SMS to 139 with the following message: PNR <your 10-digit PNR number>
  • You will receive an SMS response with your PNR status, including the train name, number, departure date and time, arrival date and time, and the status of each passenger’s ticket (confirmed, waitlisted, RAC, etc.)

2. Via mobile app

  • There are many mobile apps that allow you to check PNR status, such as the IRCTC Rail Connect app, the ConfirmTkt app, and the ixigo trains app.
  • To use a mobile app to check PNR status, simply download and install the app on your phone, and then open the app and enter your PNR number.
  • The app will then display your PNR status, including the same information as you would receive in an SMS response.


To check the PNR status of PNR number 1234567890 via SMS, you would send the following message to 139:

PNR 1234567890

You would then receive an SMS response with your PNR status, such as the following:

PNR Status: 1234567890
Train Name: Rajdhani Express
Train Number: 12301
Departure Date: 2023-10-18
Departure Time: 22:00
Arrival Date: 2023-10-19
Arrival Time: 06:00
Passenger 1: Status: Confirmed, Seat Number: 6A
Passenger 2: Status: Confirmed, Seat Number: 6B


  • There may be a charge for sending SMS to 139, depending on your mobile service provider.
  • Some mobile apps may also charge a fee for checking PNR status.

Indian Railway Enquiry Service on Mobile SMS

Now all the enquiries like PNR Status, Train Status, Seat Availability, Train Schedule, Train Time Table, Train Fare, Train Live Status etc. are available on your personal mobile phone through this SMS facility by sending SMS to 139 in the pre-defined format as mentioned hereunder.

A) For PNR Enquiry:

If you want to get the status of your booked ticket whether your train ticket has confirmed or waiting list.

Send SMS to 139 as: PNR <10 Digit PNR Number>

PNR Status Example: PNR 2459547855

B): For Train Arrival/Departure Enquiry:

There is no need to go online or visit any Railway Station reservation counter for enquiry regarding the timing of arrival and departure of any train.

Just send SMS to 139 as: AD <Train number> <STD code of Station>

Train Arrival/Departure Enquiry Example: AD 13105 033

C) For Accommodation Availability:

You may check that whether any seat is available in any particular train on a date. In other words, you may get seat availability information at your finger tip.

Just SMS to 139 as: SEAT <Train Number><DOJ in DDMMYY format><Station from: STD Code><Station to: STD Code><Class><Quota>

Seat Availability Enquiry Example: SEAT 54221 150616 040 033 SL G

DOJ: You have to write Date of Journey (DOJ) in the DDMMYY format.
Class: You may enter 1A for First AC, 2A for Second AC, 3A for Three-tier AC, FC for First Class, SL for Sleeper, CC for AC Chair Car, 2S for Second Sitting.
Quota: It is optional field. You may enter G for general, CK for Tatkal.

D) For Train Fare enquiry:

You may also enquire the railway fare of any train number from one particular station to another station.

Send SMS to 139 as: FARE <Train Number><DOJ ddmmyy><Station From: STD Code><Station To: STD Code><Class><Quota>

Train Fair Enquiry Example: FARE 54221 150612 033 06152 SL G

E) For Train Time table:

Now, you may get detail timetable of any train by SMS to 139 and providing the train number.

Sens SMS to 139 as: TIME <Train Number>

Train Timing Enquiry Example: TIME 12323

F) For Spot/ Locate Train:

To locate any train on running status you may send SMS as mentioned hereunder.

Send SMS to 139 as: SPOT <Train Number> or LOCATE <Train Number>

Train Live Status Enquiry Example: SPOT 12021 or LOCATE 12245

G) For Train Name/Number:

You may also find any train number if you know the exact name of train or vice versa.

Send SMS to 139 as: TN train number OR TN train name

Train Name/Number Enquiry Example: TN 12012 or TN GATIMAAN EXPRESS

To get all above mentioned syntaxes you may send one SMS as HELP or RAIL to 139.

Note that this service is currently available on following Telephone Service Providers viz. Airtel, Aircel, BSNL, IDEA, LOOP, MTNL, Reliance, Tata, Uninor and Vodafone operators.

Further, this service is also available on USSD for Uninor, Reliance, DoCoMo and Vodafone Telephone Service Providers. Just dial *139# to avail the USSD facility for enquiry of PNR, Arrival/Departure etc.

Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS):

Under IVRS you have to just call/dial 139 and after selection of language you may press the following keys as per your suitable requirement:

  • For security & medical assistance, passenger has to press 1, which connects immediately to a call center executive
  • For enquiry, passenger has to press 2 and in the sub menu, information regarding pnr status, arrival/departure of the train, accommodation, fare enquiry, ticket booking, system ticket cancellation, wake up alarm facility/destination alert, wheel chair booking, meal booking can be obtained.
  • For catering complaints, passenger has to press 3
  • For general complaints, passenger has to press 4
  • For vigilance related complaints, passenger has to press 5
  • For queries during accident, passenger has to press 6
  • For status of complaints, passenger has to press 9

To overcome the inconvenience over multiple helpline numbers for grievances and enquiry during railway travel, Indian Railway has integrated railway helplines into single number 139 for the passengers for quick grievance redressal and enquiry during their journey.

As the new helpline number 139 will take over all the existing helpline numbers (except 182), it will be easy for the passengers to remember this number and connect with Railways for all their needs during the travel.

Following Railway grievances helplines are being discontinued:

  • 138 (for general complaints)
  • 1072 (for accidents and safety)
  • 9717630982 (for SMS complaints)
  • 58888 / 138 (for clean my coach)
  • 152210 (for vigilance)
  • 1800111321 (for catering services)

The Helpline 139 will be available in twelve languages. It will be based on IVRS (Interactive Voice Response System). There is no need of a smart phone to call on 139, thus, providing easy access to all mobile users.