WinBlogTem – A Free Responsive Blogger Theme

Get free copy of WinBlogTem (Windows Blogger Template), a responsive blogger theme with featured, recent, related and popular posts widgets enabled.

WinBlogTem (Windows Blogger Template) is a responsive blogger theme launched on first day of January, 2015. It was specially developed for hundreds of Showeblogin happy premium members/clients for their blogs.

I already sold WinBlogTem to thousands of bloggers. Now, you will get it for free for your blogger blog in the year 2024.

As, they have purchased WinBlogTem without footer links and without any backlinks to our site, I will not mention their Name and blog URL in our website for privacy purpose.

Today, I am very glad to announce that WinBlogTem theme is now available for free of cost for limited period. That means you may now get WinBlogTem for free (without footer links) after satisfying some conditions as may be prescribed from time to time on

How to get WinBlogTem free of cost

Installation: If you are not familiar with Blogger Theme Customization then don’t worry. Irrespective of whether you have downloaded from this page (with footer links) or claimed it without any backlinks, I will install WinBlogTem to your blogger blog free of cost (No hidden Fee).

Following are some features of the WinBlogTem:

  1. Automatic Posts Summary
  2. Blog Post Titles instead of Newer/Older Posts
  3. Breadcrumbs Navigation
  4. Breaking News Widget Bar
  5. Custom Author Profile
  6. Customized Contact Form
  7. Featured Posts Slider
  8. Header Responsive Menu
  9. Meta tags Enabled
  10. Optimized Webpage Titles
  11. Popular Posts Widget
  12. Posts Snippets
  13. Recent Blog Posts
  14. Related Blog Posts
  15. Responsive Dropdown Tab Menu
  16. Search Box
  17. Stylish Labels
  18. WinBlogTem works Across Multiple Devices

Encoding Specified: The WinBlogTem contain Universal character set Transformation Format (UTF) 1 byte (8-bits) character encoding for HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and XML.

HTML Version: We have used HTML5 and therefore <!DOCTYPE html> has been added to declare HTML based WinBlogTem Blogger theme.

Works Across Multiple Devices: WinBlogTem is built for all users irrespective of their resources for internet browsing. In other words, it works across all devices ranging from small phones (240 x 320) to the large personal computers (1024 x 768) to get more visitors for your blogger blogs.

Optimized Webpage Titles: By default blogger displays Blog title first and then the name of particular blog page (except home page) resulting lengthy TITLE webpage title. But, we have used the technique to show only blog post/page name as title so that is appears high in page ranking by most of search engines including Google, Bing and ASK etc. Additionally, we have also set SEO friendly webpage titles for Labels, search, index and 404 Error etc.

404 Not Found Error: In this thme we have customized the webpages not found i.e. 404 errors. Therefore, you will see a nice webpage message with lots of options for users instead of blogger default message “Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist”.

Subscribe to: Post / Comments (Atom): We have customized this theme for dynamic look and therefore, you will not see blogger default posts/comments feed links either below blogger pager or comment box.

Meta tags Enabled: Besides the blogger default Meta Tag settings we have also applied a unique technique for the first time in blogger history to show posts snippets to all live visitors. Actually, this posts excerpts will help users choose to click on your blog in search results.

Automatic Posts Summary: You will see a thumbnail along with title and summary of each blog posts on all pages (including home page) except static page on which we have already displayed post snippets. Thus, there is no need to inserting jump breaks in every blog posts manually for creating after the jump break summaries with read more text links.

Recent Blog Posts: This feature is unique and different from other blogger theme resources available online. We have embedded swtRBP widget on sidebar of this theme. You may enjoy swtRBP by showing recent blog posts relating a particular label/category into a static page i.e. blogger blog posts/pages.

Related Blog Posts: We have included related posts just below each individual posts. Additionally, we have also added related posts under every blog posts you choose to display on your home page as well as search label pages.

Featured Posts Slider: With this option you may highlight any number of posts as featured posts with auto sliding effect. This will be visible on all pages except item/post page. You may set the option to display the featured posts on all blogger pages.

Popular Posts Widget: We have customized the default blogger popular posts widget so it now looks great with different colors of each popular posts and thumbnails.

Header Responsive Menu: You will see a menu bar at the top of the header which lets you to link your about, advertise and contact us etc. blogger blog pages. Additionally, you may also link your social media profiles at the top right corner of your blog through this header responsive menu.

Responsive Dropdown Tab Menu: WinBlogTem is a responsive blogger theme and therefore, we have added a responsive dropdown tab menu which adapts all devices used by your blog visitors.

Search Box: We have embedded a nice looking search box floating right in the responsive tab menu itself. The search results will appear in the main blogger blog window that means your user will be live on your blog.

Breaking News Widget Bar: The breaking news widget bar will display automatically the most recent posts of your blog on the scrolling bar. Additionally, there is an Email Newsletter subscription box attached to that breaking news widget bar.

Custom Author Profile: After the end of each blog posts you will see a custom author profile box in which you may display the blog post author name, photo, short bio and social media profile links etc.

SEO Breadcrumbs Navigation: Above the post title we have displayed SEO friendly breadcrumbs which will help search engines as well as users of your blog to understand and navigate your blog more easily.

Posts Snippets: Whatever you will write in the posts description box of each blog post editor right sidebar, the same posts excerpts will be shown your live blog visitors just below the respective posts title as summary within a posts snippet box.

Blog Post Title instead of Newer/Older Posts: The default blogger theme displays older and newer text links in blog pager. WinBlogTem has CSS3 enabled hover effect for showing old as well as new blog posts titles instead of the Older/Newer Post text links.

Customized Contact Form: We have customized the blogger default contact form so that it looks more professional with clear button and required field text information.

Stylish Labels: In WinBlogTem you will get a stylish look of labels/categories with different colors on mouse hover effect. Labels are used to tag your blogger blog posts to different categories.

Its not the end, there are lots of other features viz. footer menu for RSS and Contact us page text links besides auto updated copyright info bar on left side, customized comments box, dynamic layout with four column footer and two column sidebar along with two column top head for advertisements, top body and top footer widget slots etc.

Oh! My God there are lots of features associated with WinBlogTem. To see all its benefits just visit Live Demo of WinBlogTem blogger theme and let me know your precious feedback.