Top 3 Secrets for Blog Post Title to Increase Traffics

Learn how to write clickable or SEO blog post title to increase reader’s attention in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) irrespective of page rankings.

Why people not always click on the top most searched results? Why internet users including me and you see the Next Page in search results? Simply because we are not getting the relevant post title related to our query.

Actually, everyone wants to click or visit a web page that gives all information they are looking for. Thus, the title of your blog post should be unique, relevant and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly so that searchers can click on your blog page titles even it appears in second or third Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

Simply speaking any webpage title tells about the matters or contents of that particular page in a few words. Therefore, those few words must be relevant and unique from other posts title of your blogger blog. Your post titles should also be search engine friendly in addition to its uniqueness and relevancy.

Last Monday, one of my visitor from US asked me a very interesting question that whether post title helps to increase traffic to the blogger blog. Well, let us discuss some important points in this regard:

Post Tile Reflecting Post Contents

The first and foremost requirement is to choose the blog post title which reflects your post contents. In other words, you should have to write your post title that tells the whole concept of story in a specific way. If it does not reflect the entire matters of blog post, the potential readers may not read the full post.

Suppose we are writing a post about country (US) specific famous bloggers then what should be the title of our blog post that reflects post contents.

1) This is my fourth blog post.

2) Top websites in US.

3) US bloggers as on date 01/06/2024.

4) Meet the Famous bloggers.

5) Top 10 bloggers in United States.

6) Why these people are famous in US?

7) Blank Space or no title

In my opinion the 5th number post title is reflecting the exact matter we are writing about. What’s your own opinion?

Length of Post Title

It is second most prominent thing you must follow at the time of writing any blog post title. Many blogger does not care about the length of page title and writes too short or too long post tiles. These types of post titles either looks clumsy or spamming.

Further, it is very important that your post title fit into the space provided by search engines in SERPs, RSS feed or Email Newsletters, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus etc. Blog posts with short titles get shared more often than longer ones e.g. Too Long to Retweet.

Accordingly, your post titles should be perfectly placed in the reserved spaces provided for it. I learned from my personal experience that the title of any webpage must not be greater than 70 characters (including spaces) and shorter than 20 characters.

The best practice is to write your post title 60-65 characters long that helps both peoples and search engines to understand and digest. Most of search engine use a maximum of 65 characters for the title.

SEO friendly Post Title

To grab the attention of loyal readers and appear top in search results, you should write suitable and high ranking keywords in your blog post title. This is because search engine gives more important to the words used in title tags to ascertain what a web page is about.

I analyzed from my personal experience of blogging that Google displays the words as search terms that appears earliest in any webpage and Blog Post Title is the starting point or you may say that first thing appearing before the blog post body.

You may use Google Analytics to see the appropriate keywords that results Organic Search Traffics to your blog. You may also take advantage of the Google Trends to find out – “What did the world search for”.

Apart from the above three things I have discussed, there are so many factors that should be kept in mind while selecting a proper blog post title.

For example- Blog post title should be eye catching, meaningful, make it complete and clear, ask a question (How to), place the post title before blog name, customize permalink of post tile. However, please ignore periods (.) and never write misleading titles.

Finally, before posting your blogger blog post just search the post title you have chosen for that particular post and see the results which website or blog will be your competitor for that particular blog post.

If you have any other tips and suggestion then please let us know so that many bloggers get benefit from your advice.