Best place to insert AdSense Codes in Blogger Blog

Choose the right place to show your AdSense Ads so that your blog or site looks professional and increase Ad impressions to increase earnings.

One of our clients asked us to choose the right Advertisement slot for their site as because they are not getting the expected AdSense earnings due to low CPC and CPM rate. After completions of site audit, we recommend them appropriate places for their AdSense Ads.

There are so many bloggers and website owners who does not care about the Advertising places that has been allotted by them for AdSense Ads. They only believe in traffics i.e. if there are more traffics to their website they will earn more from AdSense Ads.

But, their opinion shall not be accepted solely as true view. There are lots of other factors which affects AdSense earnings and displaying Ads in the right place is one of them. So, please don’t ignore it. Therefore, read the following guidelines very carefully for making the decision concerning the right place for your AdSense Ads.

A) Create Separate Ad slot for each AdSense Unit:

One of interesting thing I personally noticed on many blogs and websites that they placed their all three AdSense Ad Units codes in a single place. In my opinion they are losing potential AdSense earnings by showing maximum allowed AdSense Ads in one slot.

Note that Google AdSense programme allows only three Ad unit in a single webpage. Thus, my very first recommendation regarding right place for AdSense Ads is that you should never insert all of your three AdSense Ad Unit codes in one slot.

B) Display AdSense Ads in Head Section:

Well, this is the top performing Ad Space which can be utilized to increase clicks as well as CPM. The advertisements in this slot will gets more impressions as it displays at the top of all your site contents. The Ad sizes which will be suitable for the head section of your blog is Leaderboard (728×90) for desktop view and Banner (468×60) for tablets and Mobile Banner (320×50) for mobile templates.

However, it would be preferable for those bloggers and site owners who gets more traffics to their site. I recommend you to use your AdSense Ad Unit code in this slot if your blog gets at least 5-7k unique visitors per day.

With my personal experience, I found that this Ad section has one demerit that it will reduce your CPC rates. I don’t know the exact reason behind that but it may be due to maximum clicks and sometimes clicks without interests. It may receive invalid AdSense clicks or clicks without earnings as it renders top of your blog page.

C) Show AdSense Ads in Header:

This is the most eye catching Ad slot which generates potential AdSense revenue in comparison to the other Ad spaces. There are two Ad Spaces in the header section of your blog viz. Left side and Right side. You may choose one of them to place your AdSense Ad unit in the header section of your blog rest one may be utilised for your blog Logo and description.

Default blogger template does not provide this facility but, however, you may create it with the help of our tutorial named How to add Gadget inside Blogger Blog Header for AdSense Ads .

The best suitable Ad size for this Ad slot will depends on the size of your Ad Space. You may either use Leaderboard (728×90) or Banner (468×60) AdSense Ad Unit for header section of your blog.

D) Place your AdSense Ad Unit Codes in Blog Posts:

Google AdSense is mainly for contents based websites and if your have inserted your AdSense Ad unit codes in between your blog posts then obviously it will fetch more AdSense earnings. You can create three Ad box for your AdSense Ads in every blog posts. The first one is showing AdSense Ads above the title of your blog posts. The second and third ad slot is to displaying AdSense advertisements before the main blog post contents i.e. starting point and placing your AdSense Ad Unit codes at the end of each blog posts respectively.

If you want to insert ad codes above the blog post titles then the suitable ad size shall be 728×90 where as Large Rectangle (336×280) and Medium Rectangle (300×250) would perform better in case you choose second and third ad slots. This tutorial will help you to create and insert AdSense code in blog posts. Increase AdSense Earnings by Showing Ads in All Blogger Pages.

If you are using responsive blogger theme then showing AdSense Ads at the beginning of the blogpost contents shall give you a magical positive change in your AdSense earnings. However, if your blog posts contain an image at the starting point of your blog post contents then it would be better to show the AdSense Ads right place i.e. above the blog posts titles.

E) Display AdSense Ads on Sidebar:

Most of blogger add HTML/JavaScript Gadget for inserting AdSense Ad Unit codes on the blogger blog sidebar. You may display either Medium Rectangle (300×250) or Wide Skyscraper (160×600) as size ads on the sidebar for better performance. Nevertheless, you should make sure that it does not looks similar to any other widgets and have some distance above and below from the other widgets contents and it does not in parallel to other AdSense Ads displayed on the blog posts body.

In my personal experience found that Display Ads (Image, Flash and rich media Ads) are performing best for Medium Rectangle (300×250) AdSense Ad size on the sidebar. However, if you have a large sidebar width enough space then, I recommend you to use Portrait (300×1050) AdSense Ad size as it covers all bidders including 300×250 and 160×600 etc.

F) Display AdSense Ads in Footer:

Generally, new blogger avoid this Ad Space but some-times I found it more important to increasing my AdSense earnings by leaps and bounds. The users of any website or blog normally comes at the end of webpage after reading the articles and blog post contents to see if there is any interesting for them and they may found interested Ads running in footer.

The best performing AdSense Ad sizes for blog footer is Leaderboard (728×90) but if your blog is responsive then you may use responsive AdSense Ad Unit accordingly.

I again repeat my wordings that just place you AdSense Ads anywhere in your blog and let your users decide which one is best Ad Space for your blog. You should give at least 1 month to decide whether a particular Ad slot is fetching more earnings in comparison to another one.