Offer to get Free 2GB Extra Google Drive Storage Permanently

This is an opportunity to get 2 gigabyte bump in your Google Drive storage plan by completing a simple Security Checkup to protect your Google Account.

Google Drive is an online file storage system provided by Google. It helps to create, access, edit, upload and share your all type of files viz. word, excel, PDF, audio, video, zip etc. Everyone who sign up for Google Account gets 15 GB total storage free of cost in their Google Drive. Thereafter, they have to pay some dollars per month in accordance with the plan they choose for getting extra storage.

Safer Internet Day (SID) took place on Tuesday, February 9, 2016 to encourage secure and more responsible use of online resources, technologies and mobile phones among children and young people across the world.

This year Google Drive celebrates “Safer Internet Day” by giving an opportunity to all Google Account holder to get a permanent 2 GB bonus storage in their Google Drive storage plan by completing a simple online Security Checkup. It’s nothing but a review of important settings to protect your Google Account and will take hardly 2-3 minutes.

Thus, this reward is a way of saying thanks by Google for completing the security checkup. Remind that you have to complete your Google account security checkup latest by 16 February 2015 to avail this offer.

Accordingly, follow these simple steps and get 2 gigabyte extra in your Google Drive storage plan:

Step-1: Visit Google account Security setting Checkup webpage and Sign in with your Gmail Account.

Step-2: Now, you will be asked for checking the following information

Check your recovery information: In this section you should review your account recovery settings which will help Google to contact you if there is unusual activity found in your account or you accidentally get locked out.

Check whether the recovery phone number, email ID and security question is current because it shall be used by Google for your account recovery purpose. That means these information will be used if and only if Google need to reach you about your account.

Check your recent activity: In this section you will see your recent account activity. If any anything looks suspicious or unfamiliar you may inform Google otherwise click on looks good.

Hence, if you notice any suspicious activity here, please remove the device’s access by going to your “Devices & Activity” settings webpage. Thus, it will ensure that no one else has access to your account.

Check your account permissions: In this section you will review the apps, websites, and devices connected to your Google Account. Make sure you recognize, use and trust them all, or remove the ones you don’t.

Check your app passwords: If you have less secure apps which does not use 2-step verification, Google generate passwords for those apps. So, please make sure you only store passwords for apps you know, use and trust otherwise revoke it.

Check your 2-Step Verification settings: If you have enable 2-Step Verification, you will see the backup phone number and backup codes. This increases your account security level that means adds an extra layer of security to your account.

Step-3: After successfully completion of your online Google account security checkup, you’ll see green checkboxes (three or more as the case may be) that confirm you’re eligible for the free storage. Additionally, a message will be displayed:

Nicely done, you’re all set.
Thanks for helping us look out for your security. We’ll let you know if we ever see anything fishy, and you should feel free to run this checklist again whenever you want.

Finally, Google will grant the storage automatically to all of you around last day of February i.e. 28th February, 2016. You will be informed by an Email after completion of adjustment to your google drive. However, if you are using either Google Apps for Work or Google Apps for Education then you are not eligible for the bonus storage.

Let me know whether you have got your 2 GB extra storage in Google Drive free of cost. Note that the last date of this offer is 16th February, 2015. Thus, complete your account security checkup latest by 16/02/2015 and spread this offer to your friend and family so that they can also get 2 gigabyte extra Google Drive storage.