How to Change the Title and URL of Your Blogger Blog

You may rename existing blogger blog and also change the address of your blog at any point of time without creating a new blog with different URL.

The Name or Title of your Blogger Blog is linked with the address (URL) of your blog. The blog URL is nothing but Sub-domain associated with domain like

Why Blogger Want To Rename Their Blog Name and Address

Many novice create their blog on just for fun and named it without planning. Many of them even don’t know why and for which purpose they had created that blog. But, after sometime they realize the importance of having a personal blog for sharing knowledge through posting contents, images and videos and for making money online.

One of the reason for changing your blog name may be that there are a bunch of other blogger blogs or websites with exactly same or similar titles.

Some blogger initially start blogging career with writing on some different things including Finance, Shopping, Social Media, News, Online Marketing, Technology etc. and thereafter decide to write on something else or choose a specific topic according to their knowledge base. There may be different reasons for changing your blog name and address.

Things to be noted while changing URL and Name of your blog

1) Establish Your Brand:

This will be good practice to think about the future of your blog and creating a brand name for your own blog/site. Thus, at the time of choosing the unique name of your blog remind that this name will become your blog Marque and visitors will revisit your blog searching for that name or brand.

2) Short And Complete Name:

In my opinion, you must go for the short name of your blog instead the long title. The small blog title will not only help your blog users to remember your blog name but it also good for creating your blog profile on social media networks.

Only one word is more than enough for your blog or website name just like,, etc. However, if you want to name your blog in two or more words then you may use the short custom/sub domain viz.

3) Matching Blog Name With Domain:

At the time of deciding the name of your blog please consider your blog Sub-domain or Custom domain. This is because, if someone know only the name of your blog they also easily visit your blog directly by typing your (Subdomain) or (Custom Domain) into the address bar of any web browser. For Example:,

4) Give A Long Life To Your Blog:

This is one of the keen part of your decision while changing your blog URL. I mean you should always think about the future of your blog. Initially, you may use sub-domain ( freely provided by Blogger but at the same time you must remember one thing that in future you will use your own custom domain replacing the blogspot from blog address.

Therefore, you should choose your blog URL (subdomain) exact the same which you would purchase as domain for your blog. For Example: in which SupweWebTricks is a sub-domain and I have purchased a domain with the same which replaced blogspot and now it is instead of

5) Keep Your Blog Traffics Intact:

You will definitely lose your blog traffic due to changing the name and address of your blog. Changing your blog name might confuse some of your blog visitors. So, to prevent your blog from low traffics/visits, you must announced the new blog name and URL to all your blog readers/users one or two months before the changing through Newsletter in subscribers mail box, Noticeboard on blog, Google+, Facebook and Twitter etc.

How to Change the Name of your blogger Blog

Follow these simple steps to rename your blog and give a new brand name.


Login to blogger Dashboard


Click on blog title and go to the setting tab from left sidebar menu.


Now, click on edit text link button (Shown in the screenshot below) next to Tile displayed on top under basic heading. Finally, replace the old blog name with new one and click on save changes.

How to change URL of your blogger blog

Follow, the first and second steps as mentioned above and then proceed for the next steps hereunder.

Step-1 and 2:

As mentioned above.


Click on edit text link (Shown in the screenshot below) next to Blog Address under publishing heading in setting tab itself.


Now, write your unique and new blog address (subdomain) and save it.